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Top 6 Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Top 6 Benefits of Red Light Therapy

After thousands of trials and research completed on the benefits of red light therapy, we put together a list of the Top 6 Benefits of Red Light Therapy and what many found when implementing red light therapy into your daily routine.

1. Anti-Aging and Tissue Repair

Collagen and elastin are the dynamic duo to tight, smooth skin. Red light therapy can help promote healthy production of both of these nutrients, allowing for fewer breakouts and better tone/texture. Not to mention, it helps wounds end up looking more natural once they heal.

2. Joint Health

Thanks to its long wavelengths, red light can penetrate deep into joints and tissues, allowing them to repair and strengthen over time.

3. Hair Growth

Hair growth is a common issue among maturing males past their 20s. By increasing levels of nitric oxide, red light therapy can improve circulation and stimulate hair regrowth.

4. Physical Performance and Muscle Recovery

By giving the mitochondria in your body the boost they need, red light therapy has been shown to reduce muscle damage and fatigue, improve performance, and improve overall muscle recovery.

5. Energy Levels

The more you energize your cells through your mitochondria with red light, the better your body can feel and perform.

6. Melatonin, Improve Sleep

Research has shown that red light therapy can improve overall sleep quality, making you feel restored and refreshed thanks to higher levels of melatonin secretion.

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